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6. “Define Yourself or Be Defined” - Education for Communication!

If you don't like how you are being treated, then look at the way you communicate. Are you defining how you want to be treated?

Gloria Pierre presented at several IPNIG workshops, including our highly successful IPNIG April 2 Workshop, ‘It’s Your Business’. For those who missed this IPNIG workshop it is currently on the IPNIG AGM agenda to repeat this workshop for Registered Nurses seeking entrepreneur business education.

Gloria Pierre of Clearly Speaking is offering the following three workshops at the Four Elms Retirement Residence. Please consider attending these pertinent communication workshops:

October 3, 2011 – Verbal Self-Defense
Are you ever in situations when others are belittling you, embarrassing you, grilling you and you feel you shouldn’t be rude or don’t want to cause a scene? Attend this session and learn how to respond assertively and decisively.

October 17, 2011 – Listening
We are taught how to speak but not how to listen. In this session, find out how well you listen and learn how to do it better. Effective listening can make you more efficient, more productive and more welcome.

October 3, 2011 – How to Ask Better Questions
Learn how to ask beneficial and intelligent questions to get the answers or information you want, to influence behavior, to direct focus, to stay on point and to make a better impression or better decisions.

The first 10 people to register will receive “Satori - A Calendar of International Quotes”.

To register, please contact Gloria 416-756-4926 or email  or contact  for more information.

Presenter Gloria Pierre of "Clearly Speaking"
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