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5. “Why Nursing” - A World of Opportunities!

Jill King PhotoPerhaps you are a new graduate nurse or a seasoned nurse considering transitioning your nursing expertise and skills to an alternate type of nursing practice. You need to start by understanding the diversity of nursing career opportunities. IPNIG members Ruth Volpe and Jill Kings were IPNIG exhibitors at the May 13, RNAO Nursing Career Fair. The IPNIG booth exhibited a wide selection of various careers of registered nurses working in independent practice.

The IPNIG booth was very well attended and the IPNIG representative did their best to answer the many questions posed by attending nurses “What do Independent Practice Nurses do?

RNAO has asked the same question. The RNAO web site recently posted a new section devoted to Nursing Career opportunities. What do nurses really do? Why become a nurse? What is so special about nursing? IPNIG members can browse the RNAO web page Career Services and proceed to the information on Career Resources … Click on the blue box, Careers in Nursing a World of Opportunities

Read through the information Careers in Nursing a World of Opportunity to discover many things not readily apparent about the diversity of nursing careers and the uniqueness of nursing work positions available.

This is just the beginning of your trip to determine your desired nursing career. Go to the following RNAO links for more information.

Nursing Matters     Career Options      Work Expectations

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of a career in nursing is the ability to change directions, location, and scope of practice allowing you to re-focus on a new nursing field mid-way through your career. You can go back to school for your degree, seek education specific to nursing career specialties i.e., CNA accreditation or concentrate on improving your clinical skills to specific health care treatment service i.e., foot care, wound care, cognitive counseling, etc. It is your decision! You can seek the nursing opportunity that you most prefer.

Don’t know where to begin? To help, we suggest reading the five “practice profiles” that RNAO has sponsored for specific nursing groups to complete. These “profiles” provide a quick glimpse of “a day in the work life of a registered nurse” specific to a particular work practice. The scope of practice outlines the education you need to work in that field, the qualifications and the clinical laddering [progressive experience] to attain your career expectations in that nursing practice.

Here are five “practice profiles

1. Palliative care
2. Parish/Faith Community Nursing
3. Home Health Nursing
4. Occupational Health Nursing
5. Public Health Nursing

To begin to distinguish what Independent Practice Nurses really do, the IPNIG Executive Leaders ask for your help! Independent Practice Registered Nurses work in a variety of workplace settings IPNIG Brochure here to view. IPNIG members are asked to write their own professional practice profile descriptions “a day in the work life of their work: as an Independent Practice Nurse. Your description will be posted on the IPNIG web site -

If you want IPNIG to assist, please email us ( ) to request a guideline template to write your description.