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3. Independent Practice Nurses End Goals!

In 2010, IPNIG Executive Leaders created their End Goals. The End Goals are permanent and used to measure the outcome of IPNIG activity: The IPNIG Executive Leaders reflected long and hard on the input from their IPNIG members and set the END goals to meet the collective group determination, i.e.,

Rachel Bard PhotoOur brief calls on the federal government to step up and show leadership in transforming the health-care system. We make three concrete recommendations:

  • create a national unique identifier for all Canadian health professionals;
  • strengthen community-based services; and
  • set up quality indicators.

We strongly believe these will help shape a health system that will meet Canadians' needs today and in the future. I encourage you to take a closer look at the recommendations in the brief. Write in and tell me what you think.

IPNIG members need to make their own conclusion. IPNIG End goals in comparison with the CNA stated recommendations appear congruent. IPNIG members can attend the IPNIG AGM Saturday, November 19, 2011 to determine ways to collectively work together. The IPNIG are arranging for an audio/video meeting for cross province, IPNIG AGM capabilities to reach all IPNIG members.