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4. "Time to Raise the Bar" - Practice Analysis Research

IPNIG will create research methodology to determine the reliability and validity of independent practice services provided by registered nurses. The research will target four analysis criteria: credibility, competency, consistency of nursing practice and continuous improvement delivering quality competent care by independent practice nurses. link web research page

IPNIG goal is to get sufficient sampling of Registered Nurses in independent practice to complete qualitative research survey in specific areas.

  • To verify the credibility of high nursing practices in independent practice that meet or exceed nursing standards and code of ethics

  • To validate the high level of competency in health care for clients given by Independent practice nurses

It is IPNIG intention to document research outcomes to validate the following required nursing criteria:

  • Pro-active health care that improves, maintains and promotes health of client Prevention care so client's health does not deteriorate

  • Specialized health care eliminating need for reactive hospital /medical care

  • Consistently proven high quality standard of care - BPG

  • Creditable valid health care essential to the client

  • Administered business standards

  • Achieving programs that benefit client or a group of clients

  • Teaching to recipient at the highest quality professional level

  • Proven essential nursing care is required within the health system

IPNIG research outcome hopefully will determine consistency of quality care and outcome measurement of nursing services that meets or exceeds nursing code of ethics, nursing standards and meets all regulations as required by community health care expectations.

Join our IPNIG team and prove that "independent practice nurses make a difference!" IPNIG's END Goal 2012 −2014 .

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