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2. "It is Time to Speak Out"

IPNIG deem that this is the year for lobbying for policy to recognize the highly qualified expertise of nurses in independent practice. The IPNIG Executive revised and strengthened their four goals Policy, Practice and Political Activity! aimed at gaining recognition and equality for nurses working in independent practice.

The Canadian Nurses Association, National Expert Commission research evidenced based findings determined the status of the current health system experience in Canada. The nine recommendations made by the Commission motivated IPNIG to speak out. The CNA final research report was released June 2012, at the CNA AGM in Vancouver - A Nursing Call to Action: The health of our nation, the future of our health system. CNA

"A Nursing Call to Action" suggests a fundamental shift in the delivery of the current health care system, e.g., how health care is funded, managed and delivered in Canada. IPNIG brings two statements to your attention from this report:

  1. Only 10% of the nursing care capabilities in Canada are utilized, as opposed to 80 % registered nursing care utilization in other countries
  2. That 75% of health care costs are paid outside the current health care system.
    Read highlights of the report now.

A Nursing Call to Action: The health of our nation, the future of our health system.

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Drawing on extensive consultations, the Commission recommends ways to optimize nursing contributions to the health of Canadians and brings new evidence and nursing perspectives to the current debate about how to most effectively transform our national health-care system.

Responding to the call for better health, better care and better value, the National Expert Commission has framed a 9-Point Action Plan that addresses the evolving health-care needs of Canadians, the challenges of demographic change and the enormous opportunities presented by new technologies, evidence-based practice, collaboration and the caring capacity and expertise of Canada’s nurses.

Learn more about the research, the health-care providers, the innovators and the Canadians who inspired this pivotal report by visiting

IPNIG agrees with CNA research that a fundamental shift in how health and health care is funded, managed and delivered in Canada is necessary. IPNIG Members Voices to RNAO - Emerging Issue. IPNIG believes:

  • "It is Time to Speak Out" to ask how many Registered Nurses work in Independent Practice, providing quality professional nursing care to their clients in the community.
  • "It is Time to Speak Out" about independent nurses vastly diverse health care services that promote, maintain and prevent health deterioration for their clients in the community..
  • "It is Time to Speak Out" on how the current health care system limits, ignores or excludes independent practice nursing services.
  • "It is Time to Speak Out" for recognition of all nurses with specialized nursing capabilities who provide necessary care for vulnerable clients.
  • "It is Time to Speak Out" for the clients who need the nursing care but cannot afford to pay privately [no insurance or benefits plan], so they let their health deteriorate.
  • "It is Time to Speak Out” to obtain from clients the outcome of nursing services performed by independent practice nurses; e.g., are essential for day to day client well being.
  • "It is Time to Speak Out" to acknowledge the undeniable need of a community requiring healthcare, that can be met by independent practice nurses, yet goes unattended due to political policy.

Do you feel "It is Time to Speak Out"? -

IPNIG Policy Practice Political Action - Jill King (Profile)