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1. Together - "It Is Time to Step Up"

Together we can collaborate in a joint effort and show the community how necessary the services of independent practice Registered Nurses really are for health care.

Together we can demonstrate the significant improvement in client's health by providing care following the principles of Primary Health Care that highlight the core values of Independent Practice Nursing - to promote, protect and preserve the health of people where they live, work and play! link What is PHC! Definition Primary Health Care

  • "It Is Time to Step Up" and join with nursing colleagues in the "Call to Action for all Nurses" by CNA’s National Expert Commission that suggests a fundamental shift in how health and health care is funded, managed and delivered in Canada. link CNA Expert Commission report June 2012.
  • "It Is Time to Step Up" in a joint effort to lobby for recognition of value-added essential nursing services provided by independent practice nurses.
  • "It Is Time to Step Up" and share with others the amazing nursing care work that registered nurses deliver in their private practice, filling a health care void with professional high quality specialized health care to a significant population segment.
  • "It Is Time to Step Up" to show nursing colleagues and the public community the diversity of Independent practice nursing services that meet or exceed nursing regulatory standards, are available where clients are located, are accessible and provide "on time" care resulting in consistent health improvement for our client.
  • "It Is Time to Step Up" and validate the competency of our specialty nursing scope of practice, consistency of care and proven health care knowledge, i.e., Best Practice Guidelines BPG.
  • "It Is Time to Step Up" to demonstrate that the independent practice specialty nursing care means early onset intervention to treat a host of primary health care problems. Ultimately this timely health care service prevents the client’s decline to more serious health care problems.

To that effort IPNIG have embarked on a two year commitment to an action plan:  Strategic Plan 2012 - 2014

Join IPNIG and other independent practice nurses and together present a planned action strategy for the recognition of registered nurses who operate in private self-employed health care practices.

IPNIG is committed to assisting its members in all of these areas.

If you are a registered nurse interested in joining us and feel "It Is Time to Step Up" on essential nursing services of independent practice, contact us today!

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