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A Registered Nurse manages a Motor Vehicle Accident claim for the client outside the typical hospital clinical setting.





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The insurance industry has faced many challenges over the past few years as a result of the evolving dynamics of automobile sector legislation. With their multiple medical specialties, registered nurses are recognized as experts in complex case management for catastrophic injuries.

 “Registered nurses have medical expertise in many areas: acute care settings; acquired brain injury and spinal cord injuries; adult and pediatric medical conditions; chronic pain management; psychiatric and behavioral issues; cognitive and dementia problems; musculo-skeletal-orthopedic and soft tissue injuries; occupational health and environmental areas; long-term and geriatric rehabilitation; social and community reintegration; vision, hearing and sensory impairments; drug and alcohol dependencies—and much more,” says Ruth Volpato, a Registered Nurse Specialist working as a Nurse Case Manager Consultant in private independent practice.

Ruth's working day as nurse consultant specialist in rehabilitation for a MVA catastrophic injury victim is profiled below showing the variety of skilled nursing care services. Using expertise from extensive experience and training in all aspects of medical claims management Ruth's patient care includes:

Nurses are experts in dealing with physicians and know the right questions to ask to determine appropriate interventions for complex medical issues, and physicians respect nurses that are capable of understanding the auto legislation and will work collaboratively to develop rehabilitation treatment plans.(Excerpt from Claims Pro 2005)

This outline proves the case for "why" you need a highly skilled Registered Nurse Rehabilitation Specialist who can manages complex motor vehicle claims for the best health care for the victim and efficiency of claim management.