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Policy, Practice and Political Action

Why become an RNAO Interest Group? – A Strong Voice

Nursing Interest groups benefit from joining voices with almost 35,000 other Registered Nurse members of RNAO, who are speaking out for primary health care and speaking out for full utilization nursing scope of practice capabilities. click here for details

IPNIG will work towards policy, practices and political actions Independent Practice Registered Nurses.

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IPNIG Joins with Colleagues for a Stronger Voice for Nurses!

The National Expert Commission (CNA) "The health of our nation, the future of our health system CNA".

Nursing Interest groups benefit from joining voices with other Registered Nurse members, who are speaking out for,

The CNA expert commission motivated IPNIG Strategic Action Plan Policy and Professional Practice 2016 -2018 ... more

Huge diversity of Registered Nurses work in independent practice Click here to read a list of the diversity of nurses specialized nursing services

Rising to the Challenge of Health Care Reform to Your Health

The new direction for health care will focus on community health care needs. The health care system must be made more responsive to the public’s needs, easier to navigate and utilize all health care capabilities in a more efficient and cost effective system.

Canada Needs a Modernized Health Care System – See Canada Health Care System – Organization Chart (University Ottawa 2012)

Registered Nurses must be included as equal partners in health care service delivery. Health reform worldwide is required due to the largely aging population, increase in chronic diseases, and rising costs. To meet these needs, nurses are being encouraged to practice to the full extent of their skills and take significant leadership roles in health policy, planning, and provision. This can involve entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial roles.

Rising to the Challenge of Health Care Reform With Entrepreneurial and Intra-preneurial Nursing Initiatives: Anne Wilson, PhD, MN, BN, FRCNA; Nancy Whitaker, BPsych Hon; Deirdre Whitford, PhD; Online Journal Issues Nurse. 2012;17(2)  ... more

Professional Registered Nurses
Deliver Primary Health Care

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What is the Difference between Primary Health Care and Primary Care?

This article provides an excellent explanation of the difference between Primary Health Care and Primary Care... click here

Primary Health Care - Thirty Years Later
Alma-Ata 30 years on: revolutionary, relevant, and time to re-vitalize ... more

The Future of Nursing

The Future of Nursing report identified that nurses, working at the forefront of patient care, can play a vital role in helping to realize objectives to make health care accessible, acceptable, and affordable.

Barriers include nurses’ inability to practice to their full extent, lack of access to an education system that allows for seamless progression to higher levels, and lack of opportunity for full partnership with other healthcare professionals.
Healthcare Reform and the Future of Nursing ... more
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Institute of Medicine, 2010