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One is Not Like the Other!

Primary Health Care PHC is a broader more comprehensive model of health care delivery then the primary care first visit for sickness care to the medical health care system!
Nurses in independent practices deliver expert nursing care specialized specifically to identified health needs of people in their community.

On time!
In place!
 Care for everyone!

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Independent Practice Nurses Interest Group IPNIG

National Nursing Week 2018
May 7 to 13, 2018


CNA Nursing Week Website

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Celebrate with all Nurses
 International Nurses Day
around the world on May 12th

Florence Nightingale’s Birthday!

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"My specialized nursing services and scope of practice allows me to work as a consultant, a teacher, advisor an an employee in the private sector or independent business owner."

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Anecdotal Stories

Registered Nurses "Mending the Gap"
Delivering Primary Health Care

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Primary Health Care Health Based Model of Care

Primary Health Care PHC is a health-based model based on defined principles essential, accessible, equitable, collaborative using appropriate technology and account for the social determinants of health ... more